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Roll'n Bump 

In Roll'n Bump, you compete against other players by rolling dice. You will form sets by claiming cards. These series of cards will give you valuable points at the end of the game.


  • New design

  • New rules for faster games

  • Available on BoardgameArena with over 100,000 games played since october 2022!


  • Designer: Louis-Nicolas Dozois

  • Translator: Charlotte Hebbourn

  • Graphic designer: Bernard Cabarrou

  • Art director & project manager: Instaplay

  • Publisher: Marc Beaudoin


  • 1 deck of 49 cards (4 sets of 12 cards bearing different patterns, 1 Joker card)  

  • 5 reference cards 

  • 5 red dice 

  • 5 purple dice 

  • 5 green dice 

  • 5 aqua dice  

  • 5 black dice 

  • 1 white bonus die

© C't'à ton tour

About the designer Louis-Nicolas Dozois:

I’ve always been drawn to games for how they bring people together, which is why, after obtaining a diploma in traditional animation, I started a career in game development. I’ve now been working in the video games industry for nearly 20 years, contributing to a number of projects on a variety of platforms, including mobile phones, web browsers, consoles and PCs. Games have, thus, always been a big part of my life both as a hobby and a form of expression.

What I love about board games in particular, however, is how they invite players to gather around a shared activity. I created Roll’n Bump to bring families together around the dinner table during rainy afternoons at the cabin or as a warm up before an epic night of heavy gaming. I wanted to design a game which would entice new players into the hobby, and that’s how Roll’n Bump was born.


About the graphic designer Bernard Cabarrou:

I am a self-taught person by nature, passionate about the arts in general and especially about visual arts and music. After studying English literature, I started almost by chance in the cultural and communication field. I worked for more than 20 years in this field, managing a cultural center for 5 years. As a graphic designer, I like to work on minimalist things and look for efficiency and simplicity of use of what I produce. I have collaborated on many projects in the field of entertainment with Forgenext and Instaplay, but also in the field of live performance, as well as on multimedia installations in the heritage field. The new edition of Roll'n Bump reflects all this: a taste for pop culture and strong graphic identities, as well as a concern for readability and ergonomics to offers: fun! - Bernard C 

Bernard_c (3).jpg

Roll'n Bump: Coming to an event near you!

Join us as we bring Roll'n Bump to events near you!


JUNE 2: LA RIBOULDINGUE - Vaudreuil-Dorion, Qc


JUNE 10: LILLOJEUX - Maria, Qc

JUNE 10: IMAGINAIRE - Saint-Bruno, Qc

JUNE 11: IMAGINAIRE - Québec, Qc


JUNE 13: MEEPLE CORNER EVENT - Le Boudoir, Montreal, Qc

JUNE 17: ENTREJEUX - Shawinigan, Qc


JULY 19th TO JULY 29th: JUSTE POUR JOUER - Montréal, Qc

AUGUST 18TH TO AUGUST 29TH: Always Games - Laval, Qc


SEPTEMBER 29th TO OCTOBER 1st: Delirium Ludique - Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Qc


OCTOBER 14th - BUROPRO CITATION, Rimouski, Beloeil, Granby, Qc

JOURNÉE DE LA PIZZA - 2023-06-02T133730.595.png

Es-tu game? bloggers

« Roll'n Bump will appeal to casual gamers as much as to those who like to rack their brains. It's a very small box that has a lot in it. »

Meeple Corner, bloggers 

«  Roll'n Bump is THE party game! The rules are easy to understand and require only one round of play to be assimilated. It can be played quickly and is perfect for beginners and experienced players alike. We particularly appreciated the possibility to bid on cards already selected by our opponents to steal them, it adds an addictive side since we immediately want to play again for revenge. We recommend it to everyone for this summer.  »

C't'à ton tour, boardgame photographer 

« What a pleasure to find this family game from over 10 years ago! In its brand new retro design, Roll'n Bump will undoubtedly liven up your evenings, with friends or family. Its simplicity and quick games will make it an ideal choice for any occasion. »

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