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The release of Pirate Boom, Taxi and most recently Roll'n Bump would not have been possible without the excellent collaboration of Instaplay Boardgames. Thanks to this French company, well established in the industry, Boom will have brought back to life three of the greatest successes of its history.  


Instaplay Boardgames specializes in providing international support to publishers. From game design to localization around the world, it allows titles such as Roll'n Bump to shine at the international stage.  


Isabelle Vandamme (CEO) and Gaëtan Beaujannot (COO) are at the head of this company, which has developed several game projects, notably for the following publishing houses : 

Mandoo games, KYF edition, Playte, BOOM Editions, Two Manta, IGIARI, Astro Editions, Chèvre Edition 

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