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Captain Boom, the Pirate Chief, was fed up of watching his men argue amongst themselves every time it came to divvying up the treasure. After some deep thinking, he finally came up with a way to divide the treasure that used the things pirates love the most: dice and cards! Now it's your turn to divide the treasure! Become the richest of the Pirate Apprentices by collecting the largest part of the prize!


  • Roll the dice.

  • Play your cards to make them correspond to the results on the dice.  

  • Help yourself to treasure based on the cards you used.

  • Key points: -Helps to recognize numbers and learn the first mathematical operations

  • New version

  • A big seller in educational channels 

Age: 4 years old 

Duration: 15 minutes  

Number of players: 1 to 10   


  • Designer: Jacques Meloche  

  • Illustrator: Jacqui Davis  

  • Translator: Matthew Legault  

  • Graphic designer: Bernard Cabarrou  

  • Art Director & Project Manager: Forgenext  

  • Publisher: Marc Beaudoin   



  • 65 Cards    

  • 3 Ten-sided dice  

  • 1 Hourglass  

  • 25 Gold Coins  

  • 50 Crystals  

  • 25 Diamonds  

  • 1 Rulebook  

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